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Search engine optimization, also referred to as SEO is the process of aligning your message with how people are searching for your products and/or services online.

Search Engine Optimization is fundamental to success. Our SEO strategies will earn your site a higher ranking in search results. We’ll provide a full SEO keyword rankings report, a link building profile report and indexed page information. Our customer focused team will improve your traffic flow and increase sales for your web-based operations.

SEO is the lifeline of online marketing. We offer our valued clients a high quality and affordable package. Leave the rest up to us as our experts are trained on the latest guidelines from all major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex and Yahoo.

Would SEO benefit my business?

Absolutely, aligning your message with a natural digital behaviour means that you can naturally reach an engaged audience with specific intent regarding in-particular topics and/or solutions.

How can Programmis help with SEO?

We look at the analytics from paid searches and apply them to organic searches. We then feed these insights back in to the whole content marketing life cycle. We also understand you might not always have control over the entire website, but rest assured we can certainly help.

Website design services

It doesn’t matter how big or small your budget is we work with all our clients to build a website which will give you the results you need for your business

Websites don’t have to be complex and expensive to be effective and here at Programmis we can help you get the results to grow your business.


Organic Traffic - Increase


Bounce Rate - Decrease


Average Visit Duration - Increase


Pages Per Session - Increase

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